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History of Polylex

2003   Established Polylex Inc, USA

2004   Established Polylex Mexico Tijuana

  • Started Business with Panasonic, Sony, JVC

  • Application: Speaker Box and TV Enclosure Part

  • Sony’s global 1st Eco-friendly sustainable resin utilization

2006 Introduced recycled resin for Sony TV Enclosures parts

2006 Obtained Sony Green partnership certification

2010  Additional  twin extruder installation  and increased production capacity.

2018   Supplied resin for automobile to Tesla

2019   Eco-friendly PC (F.R) development and supplied to Sony

2020   Developed r-PC and r-PP

2021   Expanded extruder machine and increase production capacity (Total: 12,000 MT/year)

2021  Successfully developed SORPLAS and implemented it to Sony OLEDTV

2022   Obtained ISO 9001 Certification

2023   Started commerce for compounding additives with worldwide partners

sony san diego.jpg

Recycled resin development history with Sony for more than 20 years
Application : TV enclosure and internal parts  

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