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PP Compounding

PP stands as a prominent resin within the realm of polymer materials. Renowned for its impressive tensile strength, impact resistance, surface durability, and commendable heat and chemical resilience, it finds extensive application across electrical and electronic devices, automotive components, and everyday essentials.

Particularly notable are products enhanced with improved dimensional stability, rigidity, and heat endurance through the incorporation of various fillers (such as glass fiber and minerals), as well as those benefiting from significantly enhanced impact resistance through the alloying of PP with rubbery SBS and SEBS. These specialized products cater to automotive needs, supplying interior and exterior components, home appliances, household goods, and a range of general industrial items.

Key applications span a wide spectrum, including automobile heater cases, consoles, pillars, glove boxes, door trims, door scuffs, battery trays, various fans, as well as components for washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners, alongside an array of household and miscellaneous goods. Our production encompasses as follows.

Specialized PP products

- PP with mineral reinforcement (Talc, G.F etc)
- Composite PP for automobiles
- Composite PP for electrical and electronic applications
- Industrial composite PP

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