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PBT and PET Compounding

PBT is a crystalline resin with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical properties. It has a fast crystallization rate, so the molding cycle is short, and it has excellent weather resistance, friction resistance, wear resistance, dimensional stability, and heat resistance, and is a resin that is balanced in terms of physical properties and economic feasibility. In particular, it has the advantage of dramatically increasing physical properties by reinforcing glass fiber and other mineral fillers, so it is easy to flame retardant. Its main uses are electrical parts such as TV parts, connectors, and switches, and automobile parts and various other products as there is little change in physical properties even during long-term use. This material is widely used in precision parts.

PET has excellent rigidity and temperature characteristics, dimensional stability and surface gloss, a heat distortion temperature 20^C higher than that of PBT, and low moisture absorption, enabling the production of high-performance parts, and is used in many fields where high rigidity, tight tolerances, and exterior processing are important. It is most suitable as an alternative resin to die cast metal and thermosetting resin, and is mainly used in electrical and electronic products such as external parts, structural housing and frames, water parts, transformers, and ignition coil housings. We produce the following products:

Specialized PBT and PET products

- PBT alloy–FR with mineral reinforcement
- PBT/PET alloy or etc.

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