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ABS, HIPS and SAN Compounding

ABS boasts exceptional impact resistance, tensile strength, rigidity, and heat endurance across a broad temperature spectrum. It also exhibits remarkable electrical properties, resistance to oil, and resilience against contamination, facilitating molding via injection and extrusion processes. Its superb gloss and dimensional stability make it ideal for various electrical and electronic product parts and housings, as well as diverse applications like automotive interior and exterior components, toys, and miscellaneous goods.

HIPS showcases outstanding heat resistance, impact resistance, colorability, glossiness, and impressive mechanical and electrical properties. Consequently, it finds widespread use in a variety of containers, household items, toys, office supplies, and parts and housings for electrical and electronic devices.

SAN, a copolymer of Styrene and Acrylonitrile, offers chemical resistance, transparency, heat endurance, and excellent processability. Its mechanical properties, including tensile strength, bending strength, impact resistance, and wear resistance, are noteworthy. It serves applications in electrical and electronic components, as well as automotive parts.

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