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PC Compounding

Polycarbonate (PC) boasts remarkable attributes including heat resistance, impact resistance, and transparency. It finds application in a multitude of fields such as architectural panels, automotive interiors, and electronic device casings due to its low-temperature characteristics and dimensional stability. Incorporating glass fiber reinforcement enhances its mechanical properties, tailored to specific applications based on the type, length, and content of the glass fibers utilized. It is mainly employed in the manufacturing of television and computer components, mobile phone accessories, camera components, and office automation device parts.

Moreover, alloys blending PC's exceptional mechanical properties with the benefits of ABS and PBT resins, including superior processability and electrical characteristics, result in products with notable dimensional stability, thermal endurance, and impact resistance. These attributes, coupled with excellent processability, render them suitable for both interior and exterior automotive components as well as a wide array of small electrical and electronic devices. The items produced are as follows.

Specialized PC products

- PC-F.R


- PC/ABS alloy

- PC/PBT alloy

- PC/PET alloy

- PC alloy with mineral reinforcement (Glass Fiber, Talc or etc.)

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