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PA Compounding

PA6 and PA66 exhibit outstanding toughness, resistance to repeated impacts, chemical resilience, and friction resistance against diverse chemicals. They boast exceptional wear resistance and possess self-extinguishing properties, meeting UL94 flame retardant V-2 standards. The impact resistance varies based on the impact modifier type and resin molecular weight employed. Our range includes compound formulations reinforced with glass fiber and minerals, augmenting tensile strength and dimensional stability.Comparatively, PA66 demonstrates superior flexural strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, and heat endurance when juxtaposed with PA6. However, PA6 excels in impact strength and shrinkage control.These materials find extensive applications in automotive components (such as radiator tanks, various fans, engine covers, and carrier frames), electrical and electronic parts (including connectors, bobbins, switches, and handles), sporting goods, and general industrial components. Our compounding resin offerings encompass as follows.

Specialized PA products

- PA-F.R


- PA/PBT alloy

- PA alloy

- PA alloy with mineral reinforcement (Glass Fiber, Talc or etc.)

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